A Canadian Heritage River

Beginner –intermediate
188 miles long
Rapids – class I-III
Access – drive in, paddle in, fly in

The Bloodvein River is a wild, free flowing river beginning on the Berens River Plateau just west of Red Lake Ontario.   It flows over 300 kilometres from its headwaters east of Woodland Caribou Park to its mouth on Lake Winnipeg. Here it joins the waters of several major rivers feeding Lake Winnipeg to eventually drain into Hudson Bay via the Nelson River.

The Bloodvein remains part of an untouched, unspoiled eco-system. Its animal and plant communities are still in state of natural evolution since the last glaciers scoured the area more than 11,000 years ago. Explore the Canadian Shield via the Bloodvein’s pool and drop river system. With 112 sets of class I-III rapids, this river is an ideal way for beginners and experienced paddlers alike to take advantage of unique opportunities to view some of the finest pictograph sites in north America and to experience high-quality wilderness canoeing, camping, fishing, wildlife observation and photography.

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