Base Camp Fishing Trips

Rough it in style on one of our base camp fishing trips. Fly into a lonely lake with hungry fish and fish, fish, fish or…. swim, sunbath, hike or just lounge about.  You can afford to do what you want, when you want because you don’t need to worry about breaking camp, paddling, portaging and setting camp again because you have no need to go anywhere, except possibly to the other side of the lake to look for the big one.   And if you think you are going to be roughing it, think again. In addition to our standard complete outfit gear, we will include a three man tent for every two people, extra thick luxurious therma-rest mats, a complete kitchen pack and we’ll even include a kitchen sink, a two burner propane stove, propane lanterns, comfortable camp chairs and a screened shelter to keep the bugs at bay while you cook and dine.  Even your meals will be special with the additional foods you would not normally consider taking on a canoe trip.

Per person rate of $80.00 per day plus plane charter costs, which can range from $250 -$12,000 depending upon location and party size.  Woodland Caribou to Opasquia Provincial Parks, Lake Winnipeg to Hudson Bay to James Bay and anywhere in between.

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Please note – Our rates on this site are listed  in US dollars and “without taxes included”.